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Posted by on Sep 14, 2012

The considerate design of a Dutch hot tub

The considerate design of a Dutch hot tub

Floris Schoonderbeek’s original hot tub  heats itself with a wood fire and coils.

Design details show thought about use : a spigot on the outside that can attach to a water hose for watering the garden (so drain water isn’t wasted),  comfort seating and portability.

My guess is that on the Experience Scan this would  earn a B++ : B since it works (I hope), a ‘+’ for understanding me given design details and a ‘+’ for a WOW (I’m posting about it now after all).

Has any one had the pleasure of using it?


  1. Oooo….and the price?

    E 4.950
    (prices may vary outside the Netherlands)

    Let’s hope that the experience of using it works really well.

  2. Very cool! I do wonder if the smoke gets in your eyes when you’re using it… Maybe they could fix a hot plate to the top of the coils to stop the smoke going in your direction. Pleasant side effect: hot tub BBQ!

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