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Posted by on Sep 18, 2012

ExScan –  the Nespresso experience

ExScan – the Nespresso experience

Experience Scan : A++

Nespresso is one of the few end-to-end experiences that hits all the right buttons for the coffee lover. Where other companies (like Philips & Douwe Egberts) place an OK coffee maker (the Senseo) on the kitchen counter,  Nespresso brings a Starbucks-like experience into our home. And all only for…..$0.45 cents per cup!

So how did Nespresso get me to think that what is on a per cup basis 3x more than Senseo and more than 40x filter coffee – is actually a good value?

The Experience Scan shows why.

Nespresso machine's compact design How well  does  Nespresso ‘work’? What does it offer?   deep, rich coffee taste,  flexibility to offer different strengths to different people,  the compact, modern design of the machine that sits neatly on the counter,  seductive aroma’s,  wonderful colours of the capsules. All of this Senseo can equal if they want to.

But a visit to the Nespresso store expands the act of making coffee in your home into a total experience and pushes it beyond Senseo.  I buy Senseo coffee at the local supermarket but I visit the chiquest shopping street in Amsterdam to buy Nespresso (or I order online).

Wall of coffee capsules at Nespressofree coffee sampling at Nespresso






In  store, I’m overwhelmed with a feast of colours, smells and experiences. I can have a free coffee in an elegant cafe to try out some of the new flavours. I can smell the coffee beans. I can even bring my old capsules and deposit them in the container that’s seamlessly designed into the wall.  The staff just seems to delight in keeping me there – and enticing me to try new coffees.

Senseo coffee sold in local supermarkt

Senseo’s packaging suggests a “coffee-ista” type experience, but it’s sold on the shelf next to filter coffee at the supermarket.

And that’s the power of understanding everything about your customers and designing from there : a 300% price premium vs. your nearest competitor.

Does it work ? Grade A B C or F 

Grade A : It works better than I want

  • Coffee tastes, smells and looks great – better than Starbucks
  • Easy to order, use
  • Flexibility to try different types of coffee is a bonus
  • Visual design of maker, capsules, packaging fits neatly in kitchen and is great to see

Does it understand me ? a “+” for ‘understanding’ me,  a “-” for not, or neither

a bonus “+”  : I felt they understand me and my  situation

  • machines not ridiculously expensive
  • store experience that isn’t overly commercial, focuses on getting me to try more coffee
  • recycling and thoughtful education on material choice a nice plus

Is there a “Wow” factor? a “+” for something so special you’d tell your friends, or not

a bonus “+”   end to end perfection and the consistently excellent delivery.

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  1. Actually it doesn’t work for me. Recently, after walking out the Nespresso store with a new load of cups, I realised it was 3x more expensive than a top quality fair trade coffee brand. At my coffee ‘burn rate’, this works out to €1100 a year … for that money I’d rather go for a good espresso machine and pure & fair trade coffee.
    Also, the club-member service system, the scripted friendliness and the pushy service calls – “… (you haven’t ordered for a while) … is there something we can help you with?” – have really put me off.


  1. What Dutch dikes teach us about customer experience | Trust Equity - [...] Philips (another product of Dutch engineering) makes a great coffee machine in the Senseo, but it is Nespresso who ...

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