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Posted by on Sep 21, 2012

See ya, computer lady.

See ya, computer lady.

Visa call

Call to Visa

At my office, Lilian came in with a zinger:   she had called her Dutch bank – SNS bank -  to change an address.

 And a person answered the phone.

The call lasted 2 minutes. They asked why she was calling, and helped her themselves. No transfer, no press 1, no recordings.

Wow, since when is something so simple to do  – just answer the phone -  so NOT done by almost every bank, credit card  or telecom company?

Contrast this to Gap Visa Card :   a letter tells me I have 20 days to call and  give my Street Address or the account would be closed. The letter ends with

“We greatly value you as a Gap Visa Card customer and hope to quickly resolve this issue so we may continue providing you with the highest level of service”.

I time the phone call:

  •  5:13 minutes to  enter numbers and get a person on the line.
  • 3:52 minutes to explain about the letter, and have him enter everything again and look up the account.
  • 3:47 minutes in total on hold
  • 0:46 to give the address to the right person.

A whopping 13 minutes and 38 seconds, for what took only 0.46 seconds.

How can this be good for any company’s cost efforts?

And how can it be good for building trust with customers?  Their systems don’t work.  And the blatantly false language in the letter shows they don’t understand my situation at all.  (ExScan C-)

So Gap Visa Card (run by GE Retail Bank in Florida), take note : go on a comparative Experience Scan with Dutch SNS bank. Or get honest in your letters to customers.

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