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Posted by on Sep 25, 2012

Abs, underwear and the Wow factor

Abs, underwear and the Wow factor

How far would your company go to win  a  customer?  one that will do your marketing for you?  4 tee shirts?

Pieter is a loyal Hugo Boss underwear wearer and my colleague Evelyn’s husband.  (I don’t really want to know this, but I do now.)  Interested in a new eco-bio friendly underwear brand called ”Cleaner Underwear”by  Saint Basics , he orders 2 boxers.


“Cleaner underwear” from St. Basics

The legs are too short. He emails to return them (and decides never to cheat on Hugo again). In an hour, Eugene from St. Basics mails that  he should try a larger size. Eugene reveals that he wears the Large, even though he is usually a medium. And Eugene says that he is also sending  a two-pack of T-shirts because Eugene thinks Pieter will like the quality.  “Just see whether you like them after wearing and washing. You can always send them back”, he emails.

Pieter receives the shorts and shirts. Indeed the legs of the boxers are okay. The T-shirts are great too, but they have a round neck and Pieter wears v-necks. So he emails Eugene to ask if the T-shirts can be changed.

In an hour :  “I’m sending you the v-necks.  Give the round necks  to a friend.”

So what has happened ?  An A++ on the Experience Scan.  The original bloopers – one, that the sizing is not clearly communicated on the site leading the customer to order the wrong size, and two, that Eugene doesn’t  proactively ask whether Pieter wears a round or v-neck – are over compensated for with the Wow factor – customer service that is fast, personal, understanding and topped off with 4 free tee-shirts.

For big companies, this kind of service isn’t easy to deliver – over time, the contagious passion and  dedication of a company’s  founder are lost in the corridors of the different departments. And the financial department comes in and hammers on cost. This kind of service is quite expensive, after all.

Or is it? Pieter is not going back to Hugo. He  has passed the round neck  tee-shirts on to 2 friends. He’s told 8 other friends. And me. And now I’m  posting about the kind of underwear the husband of my business colleague wears.

There’s a perfect saying for this in Dutch :

Het moet niet gekker worden. It shouldn’t go farther than this.

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  1. He can even send them back if he doesn’t like them ‘after wearing and washing’
    that IS exceptional customer oriented thinking..!

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