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Posted by on Oct 17, 2012

Disclaimers and trust?

Disclaimers and trust?


I recently read Don Pepper’s and Martha Roger’s new book on corporate trust titled Extreme Trust. The book argues that companies must have “trustability” and treat customers as they would themselves.

A corporate disclaimer overwhelms the message.

Not long after, I received this email from a friend who works at a bank.  A legal disclaimer overwhelms the message.   What it says to me is our lawyers made us put all this stuff here to protect us from liability.

I wonder:  What is the cumulative impact of  these disclaimers on the trust customers hold in the companies they do business with? Are they ignored,  like banner ads, or do they slowly create distance between a company and its customers?

Granted, these disclaimer messages are usually for B2B communication – you rarely see them anymore in B2C emails. But remember,  behind every B2B communication there still lurks a “C”, a person who is a customer.

And are disclaimers still needed (even though the lawyers say so)?  Are there examples of where they have served a purpose to the business or the customer? And how do they weigh against a company’s efforts to become “trustable”?




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