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Experience Scan

If customers use a product or service and it’s meaningful to them in their lives, then a company is starting to build a relationship of trust with its customers.  The company is signalling through the thoughtful design of its products or services that it cares about its customers.

But when is an experience “meaningful” to customers?What makes one experience better than another?

The Experience Scan is a diagnostic tool to help companies understand how their customers are experiencing their products. The Scan rates the experience on the 3 building blocks that make up any experience :

Function : Grade A/B/C or F : whether it works as customers want.

Understanding : a “+”, “-” or neither for whether customers feel the product or service “gets” their situation.

Wow factor : a “+” for whether there is something so special they’ll tell everyone about it

Our book  Building Trust Equity shows how this simple tool can change the way companies look at their products and services and gives examples and case studies on how to use it in any business.

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