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The Book

Coming in 2013

Consider this: there are literally thousands of books about the ‘Customer Experience’ and ‘Customer Loyalty’. Yet as customers, we are still often disappointed with the products and services we use.


That’s why we wrote Building Trust Equity : the secret to creating meaningful experiences for your customers. The book is a wake up call on the importance of building trust with customers and a pragmatic guide on how to do it.

The book demystifies the term ‘Customer Experience’ and introduces the Experience Scan, a simple framework that turns anyone into an expert on critiquing a customer experience.

A simple, hands-on toolkit helps teams start the improvement process. The book promises that in 4 hours any executive can become a customer experience advocate within their organization and effect lasting change.

 “This concept is needed in a world that is really struggling with trust – between banking industry failing, pink slime in our food, oil spills ……  consumers are hungry to feel that a company is really looking out for them.”    – Associate Director, Kraft Foods

“Simple to grasp techniques and How To section.”

- Senior Manager, TNT Europe

Net, the book is a call to action for the people who lead our companies, a guidebook for those who manage the products and services we use, and a toolkit for all who want to get out and start doing things differently.

Leave your email and we’ll alert you when it’s published (we’ll only use your email for this). We’ll also be making many of the tools available for download on this site.